Jo Zachry and Pat Zachry are our Energy Work Practitioners. They are both certified as Reiki Practitioners, Munay Ki Facilitators, Certified Crystal Healers, and Crystal Energy Feng Shui Practitioners.............

Energy Work, Lymph Drainage & Massage Services

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First off, let me sayTHANK YOU  for your interest in our wonderful, fulfilling practice.


Kelly VanNortwick LMBT has 13 years in the art of Massage.  She has practiced in Raleigh, NC, San Diego, California and now here in Wilmington.  A graduate of the North Carolina School of the Healing Arts in Raleigh...


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A natural way to heal! Let massage therapist Nina Paterson's 17 years of experience address your needs! Whether  a sports injury, painful joints, arthritis, general aches or everyday stress, Nina will customize your massage to thoroughly address the problem using a mix of neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue, medicupping™, lymphatic drainage, heat and stretching. Ask about enhancing your massage with CBD massage oil!

​​Laughing Buddha Holistic Massage

Magnetic Field

We are like the earth

Everything has a magnetic field that protects us.  We can strengthen your FIELD.

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