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​Saturday October 21 10 am - 12 noon


 Joy & Prosperity 

Workshop with Sharron Britton 

These times have been tumultuous for all of us here on the Earth plane.   As we move more fully into the Chaos that surrounds us, it can be   challenging to keep our center as we seek a clear vision of our path and   what is to come. The crystals you need are here to help you manifest a   world in which you are welcomed with joy. We will learn about how to   choose the tools that are right for you as you continue your journey. I'll be   bringing powerful Shamanic tools, stones for manifesting prosperity and   light and personal crystal companions to help transmute negativity and   fear into joy and love. We will create a crystal grid together and tune into   the Divine Purpose that surrounds us.
   Each participant will receive a crystal gift selected by Sharron


  Cost $ 45




7-8 PM


​    Sharron will give a talk about the Starseed   Connection - the Galactic Beings that are   coming to help us evolve to a higher level of   consciousness so we human beings can not   only survive but thrive on our planet and in   the realms beyond. You'll learn about the   development of the Lemurian civilization,   how angels came to live among us and how   crystal skulls can become powerful portals to   the Star Beings. We will end the evening by   calling in the Star Beings who wish to come   into the crystal skulls. Feel free to bring your   own crystal skulls if you like

Blue  Lagoon  Wellness  Center





A Journey into the Crystal Realms

Sunday Oct 22     10 am - 12 noon

Workshop with Sharron Britton

​  In this workshop we will be using trapiche quartz, a very rare variety of quartz from   Colombia that will take you into another world. Through guided meditation and crystal    gazing, you will receive a glimpse into the beautiful places we are dreaming into being.   These dreams are a reconnection with our Higher Self, and you will return infused     with  the sense of how to help bring this world into being. Sharron will demonstrate   new chakra balancing tools created with trapiche quartz in combination with rare and   unusual crystals that will prepare you for the next phases of your journey.  

​  Cost $45

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OCTOBER 7th, 2017

1 - 4 pm

​                             "_LEARN TO WRAP YOUR OWN CRYSTALS_"

This is a basic wire wrapping class. If you have not done any wrapping you will have a great time and learn the start of wrapping and take home a finished piece!
If you have made 4 or 5 pieces you will learn more tips and tricks to improve your skill and smoothness of wrapping and design. And yes of course you will have a great time and take home a finished piece.
If you have taken my class before come and hone your skill, ask questions you didn't know to ask before, learn new twists to your present wrap technique and make some beautiful Christmas Gifts.
As always your wire, stone, handouts and use of tools are included in the price. 

****I have a new and expanded choice of cabochons for this class. over 100 to choose from!! ****

​​CALL AND RSVP 910-685-2795 please leave message we will return your calls in the order they came in.
class limited to 8 of you wonderful people!

We will also be making a waiting list in case of cancellation.  

Pat will also be available to take orders to wrap crystals you may already have.  Bring them with you for a quote.

       Sharron Britton's


            OCTOBER 21   1 pm to 5 pm

            OCTOBER 22    1 pm to 5 pm

 Gorgeous mineral specimens, Lemurian quartz,   phantom quartz, crystal skulls, spheres and     pyramids - so much more.

Outdoors you will find handmade treasures from some of Wilmington's finest craftspeople and artists. Be sure to browse and maybe get in some early holiday shopping!
You will also find some of Wilmington's finest psychic readers and healers at this event and we are so excited that this list includes the famed Madame Von Sloopenstein and Madame De Borah who have been reading for families in Wilmington during the Halloween season for over 35 years!
Please note that the readers set their own prices and time schedules. Please arrive early and sign up on the lists of who you would like to see when you arrive so that you know what time to return to their table to participate. Not all readers will be able to accept cards – there are several banks around the corner on Oleander for ATM services.
Enjoy entertainment and refreshments as the evening carries out until we start the Spirit of Fall Drum Circle at around 7:30pm. Please feel free to bring your own drums and rattles to this drum circle held in the middle of the space around a fire! This circle will be lead by various healers from our community and we encourage dancing, sound making, and participation from all ages! Blankets will be set around the fire but you are also welcome to bring your own chairs and/or blankets too! Drum circle ends at 9:00pm
Wear your finest spooky costumes for our Costume Contest! At 10:30pm we announce TWO winners! Costume contest details soon!
The fair ends at midnight and we give back the dark to the creatures of the night as the Spirit of Fall takes over!
We look forward to seeing you there!
Admission to this event is free – varied prices on varied activities.
Parking available in our lot, in surrounding business lots, and along neighboring streets. Please be mindful of people’s private driveways, yards, and homes.