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Cindy B. Pope, MA, LPC is a licensed professional counselor with over fourteen years of counseling experience in private practice and twenty years of career counseling in the business arena.  This experience has provided a solid foundation for working with diverse client issues.  Counseling provides a supportive environment to work through life’s everyday concerns.  It’s important to recognize that counseling is not only helpful when crisis arises, but can assist with clarifying thoughts and feelings, increasing decision-making skills and uncovering and improving coping abilities.  Cindy will utilize psychological theories used in counseling methods such as Cognitive-Behaviorism; Humanism; and Psycho-Dynamics

Cindy B. Pope MA, LPC


Individual Therapy:

Adults, Adolescents & Children

Couples Therapy

Family Therapy

Group Counseling

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                   Areas of Interest

 *Marriage, Family & Relationship Counseling: Intimacy, Communication, Marriage Enrichment, Affairs, Parenting Issues, Adolescents, Transitions, Separation/Divorce, Premarital Counseling    

*Anxiety     *Depression    

*Self Esteem Concerns    

*Anger and Stress Management    

*Career Counseling   

 *Disordered Eating     *Women’s Issues
*Chronic & Terminal Illness     *Grief and Loss