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It’s not something we talk about a whole lot, but there is a whole lot that goes on within our “lady parts.” Changes in one area affect others. For instance, the extreme disruption of childbirth can also disrupt bladder function, even after the baby is born. There is a general belief that after birth, everything quickly goes right back the way it was. That’s not always the case. You have a new baby to deal with, and you have to worry about diapers for yourself.

Similarly, after menopause, changes such as reduced blood flow, thinning of vaginal walls, reduced natural lubrication and muscle atrophy can contribute to incontinence as well as sexual dysfunction.



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​10 % OFF COUPON CODE " BLUE LAGOON" at checkout

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PAIN RELIEF Testimonials

I’m a 68 year old hairstylist with arthritis in my hands and shoulders. I use the laser regularly and I’m able to do my job. — John
The VA said I’ve lost 85% of the cartilage in my knees. I was in pain and had difficulty doing my job even with braces. I tried cold laser, and after a month, my knees don’t hurt. No braces, any shoes I want. — Carol
I got this for my father. His back and neck pain was tormenting him. It limited his activity and he had difficulty sleeping even with pain medication. He used it diligently. After two weeks, I saw him again. He explained that it worked so well that not only can he sleep, but he’s stopped taking pain meds. — Theresa