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What is it? ( pronounced Ray-Key)

Reiki Master Ethel Lombardi has described it as a love force.  "Love is why healing takes place." Reiki is generally translated from the Japanese as "Universal Life Force." "rei" means spirit, soul, Universal God, and the "ki" refers to energy, force, breath of life. The Chinese equIvalent of "ki" is "chi" and Hindu is "prana".

These are the wonderful stones and crystals that you choose from to help with your session.

Energy & Reiki Therapy Work


Consultation, counseling and fellowship

Jo Zachry RMT CCH CEFP   &  Pat Zachry RMT  CCH CEFP

Therapy of crystals, aromatherapy, Reiki, therapeutic sound and color light.

Blue  Lagoon  Wellness  Center