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Back, Neck and Shoulders
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Face Lift and Sinus Drain Medicupping

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Full-body Lymphatic Drainage

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Loving Cup Massage

Nina Paterson Frezze LMT

Nina Paterson began her massage career 17 years ago. After graduating from Florida College of Natural Health with focus in Neuromuscular Therapy, she began a fulfilling career in a chiropractic setting. She continued her training by working closely with patients experiencing neck and back pain and other injuries, which has helped shape the rest of her career.  She has since worked in spas and private practice in Florida, Georgia, and NC, putting her in contact with everyone from professional athletes to grandmas healing from surgery! She has blended her broad experience, with training in Neuromuscular Therapy, Medicupping™, lymphatic drainage, sports massage and deep tissue massage. The result is a unique style that is therapeutic and healing, yet promotes deep relaxation! 

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